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Volume II
May 2001

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As our research continues we find that the church was an important part of the families lives. When Anders, Catherina, & August Nyberg came to America in 1869, they joined the Trinity Lutheran Church in Stillwater, MN. When Olof Rudin and his family came to America in 1885, they met up with Anders and Catherina and August in Stillwater.

Eventually Olof and Christina moved to Livonia. Several years later when August and Maria Nyberg joined Olof and Christina, there evidently was not a church that could fill their needs like the church they belonged to in Sweden.

It has been told to us by family members, that August W. Nyberg had helped to organize a church in Livonia after he moved his family there from Stillwater. When we went to the Sherburne County Historical Society to substantiate this they could not find any record of the church's existence.

Recently on a trip to the American Swedish Institute we were fortunate to get to meet with the director of the research center. She spent three hours with us helping to translate and understand the Swedish records we have been accumulating from the Mormon Family History Center.

She also found records of the “Livonia Swedish Lutheran Church” that August W Nyberg, along with Olof Rudin and others in the area, had founded in 1898.

These records were on a microfilm that the Swedish Institute had on file there. We were able to view the actual church records on a microfilm reader. This included everything from the minutes of the meetings, (written in Swedish), to marriages, baptisms, death notices, and attendance. August was the church secretary. (At this time we were not able to get copies as the printer on their microfilm printer was not working.) In 1904 the Trinity Lutheran church of Princeton was founded as a spin- off of the Livonia Church. A trip to this church turned up some of the original books we were looking for. Hopefully the rest will show up. (The Livonia Swedish church was disbanded in 1942. The Nybergs had left the area by this time.) In 1910 after they had moved to Minneapolis, they joined the “Emanuel Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northeast Minneapolis.

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This history is dedicated to our ancestors for giving us life, 
and to our descendants for making our lives worthwhile. 

We all owe our ancestors some sort of debt and the least
 we can do to pay them back is to record their existence


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