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The Nyberg News  


Volume I
October 1999

Všlkommen The Grandparents The Descendants Elmer Andrew Rudolf Nyberg The Grandchildren About Our Research


In the very short time since we started our research for the Nyberg family, we have found some very interesting information.

And thanks to some very helpful family members, we have added a lot of their memories and stories, pictures, postcards, etc. to our research. We could not have gotten this far in such a short time without the help from Bev Adams, Agnes Valen, Sonny Nyberg, Leona Nyberg, Jean Nyberg, and Al Johnson, along with others who have completed their family information that was requested from them.

You are a descendent of the people in this picture, either by birth, adoption, or marriage.

Do you know which one you descend from? Do you know who is who?

This picture of August and Mary (Maria) Nyberg, and their eleven children, was taken circa 1911.

These thirteen people have grown to over 120 people. Each person adds a lot to our history.

We have found a lot more about these people than we can tell you about in this newsletter. We hope to be able to do up a complete history when we feel that we have found all that we can.

There are still more people to be added. We are still searching for the rest of their descendants, and their ancestors.

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This history is dedicated to our ancestors for giving us life, 
and to our descendants for making our lives worthwhile. 

We all owe our ancestors some sort of debt and the least
 we can do to pay them back is to record their existence


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