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Database Search

Please keep a few things in mind when searching our database: 

  • Results are in the form of a "Virtual Index Card" (VIC) which lists more information than your standard family tree software files, such as GEDCOM's. This extra information may help you in determining whether or not that is the person you are looking for.

  • Each VIC is quite large in size. Be sure to scroll down the page to see the entire listing of the results of your search.

  • If you know who you are looking for, please see the List of Names to go directly to that person's VIC. 

  • There are variations on the spelling of the names. Even if you think the spelling is wrong, check that person out anyway. He may be just who you are looking for. 

  • Names of females are given as their maiden names. Check the Marriage(s) area of the VIC to see what their married name is.

  • We try to give the exact spelling of the names of places, including the special characters used, such as Värmland instead of Varmland.

Get The List of Names

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Detailed Search

You can use one or all of the search fields to search for a particular person, such as, you may search for all people born in May in Sweden.

If searching by dates, please give the full name of the month, i.e. January instead of Jan. or 1 .

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This history is dedicated to our ancestors for giving us life, 
and to our descendants for making our lives worthwhile. 

We all owe our ancestors some sort of debt and the least
 we can do to pay them back is to record their existence


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