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Welcome to our "Nyberg News" Family Web Site.

The project of locating our Nyberg and Rudin Ancestors started out as just curiosity a little over five years ago.  Since that time, it has turned into a full-fledged obsession.  It has proven to be a very time consuming, yet interesting and rewarding project.  We have made contact with some family members and have gotten a lot of information from them. We are continuing to find more ancestors and their descendents than we ever thought possible, and will keep on researching until we find living descendents either still in Sweden, or wherever they may be.

Please read our newsletters.  We will be doing a profile on each of the eleven children of August W. Nyberg, and his wife Maria Stina (Rudin) Nyberg in these newsletters.  

Visit our photo album. As we add more we will categorize them for better viewing.

Check out our database search too.  As we get more info this will be updated.

If you have any information you would like to add to our site please contact us.

We will add current news as it occurs in "Extra! Extra!"

We hope that you will enjoy your visit here, and check back often. Don't forget to sign our guest book.

 A special thank you to our daughter-in-law, Janice Nyberg who designed and built this website.




This history is dedicated to our ancestors for giving us life, 
and to our descendants for making our lives worthwhile. 

We all owe our ancestors some sort of debt and the least
 we can do to pay them back is to record their existence


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